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inside of seal tour vehicle showing tour guide speaking to two rows of guests while vehicle is on the water and the star of india tall ship is on the left

San Diego Seals Tour Reviews

M.C., Los Angeles, CA

“My dad and I took your tour for the Sea and Land ride and I would love to compliment Justine and Amy, our Sea and Land Tour Guides; they were amazing and super helpful as well as very understanding of my father whom is in a wheelchair and myself. They are incredible and lovely humans and my father and I appreciate their kindness very much. Thank you for having people that are so wonderful on your team. They also got us back to Old Town by calling in a trolley exclusively just to take us back. My father was very excited, happy and very grateful of such wonderful service.”


“This was one of the nicest tours I’ve ever done! Amazing views and the guide was so informative. They pulled right up to the sea lions so you could get a close look at them. The captain kept the boat calm the entire time going very slow to make sure everyone was comfortable. Definitely worth every Penny!!”


“Capt. Kurt and Amy. What a great time I had. The tour was amazing and I haven’t stopped talking about it. We saw so many sea lions and a ton of different type of birds. And when we hit the wakes in the water and Kurt laughing throwing his arms up. Thank you for making this tour one of the best.”


“Thank you Johnny and Amy! We had Sooo much fun on our 3:15pm tour. This is a must do if you’re in San Diego! Johnny and Amy were our captain and first mate and they are so awesome! This tour has everything – beauty, entertainment, wild animals, and history! I grew up in the San Diego area and NEVER knew of so many interesting facts about the area, and hidden gems! It was the most fascinating tour I’ve been on, and our guides were so kind and funny. Because of how low this boat is to the water and how slow it goes, we were able to get soo close to the sea lions! We also had the opportunity to see Navy trained dolphins. The vehicle is 8 feet up off the ground and it is fun to ride up so high when it’s on the road; it is also a very smooth ride and not bumpy at all, even when it is entering and exiting the water. It’s seriously so much fun. **Make sure you check in 30 minutes before departure so you can get your boarding pass!! You can also bring snacks and drinks on board!”


“My wife and I and our 2 kids (5 and 7 years old) had a great day out on the seal tour! As a local I was surprised to learn so much on the tour about the city I live in. The kids kept asking if we were on a bus or a boat to which the guide just replied, “Yes”. Once we got in the water the highlight was driving past the Navy dolphin trainers. We even got to see a dolphin jump right out of the water. The kids loved that as well as cruising past the bait dock and seeing all the seals and sea lions lounging in the sun. We would recommend this tour to those visiting San Diego and locals too!”

C.E., Fontana, CA

“…I would like to just show my appreciation on how great the seal tour was for my family! I went on the seal tour today in Seaport Village in SD. It was my first time with family and definitely won’t be my last. George and Bob were great, especially Bob our tour guide! He made it enjoyable and very knowledgeable of the places he was explaining to us. Despite the slight rain and cold weather, it was still a lot of fun and definitely very different. I already have friends asking me where I went and definitely recommending to everyone I know who are visiting San Diego. Definitely coming back again this year, we hope we get Bob and George again!!!”

C.L., Las Vegas, NV

“My wife and I visited San Diego on my 64th birthday, July 18, and had the great pleasure of taking the Seal Tour with Capt. Donny and 1st mate Bob at 4:15pm. Both were very friendly, entertaining and knowledgeable of San Diego and the seal tour we witnessed. It was a great pleasure and learning experience spending 90 minutes with these gentlemen. My wife and I really enjoyed our excursion! Thanks guys!”


“My wife and I just returned to our hotel from a SEAL Tour. Jerry was a great tour guide and Jim was a top notch captain. We enjoyed every minute of the tour and couldn’t believe the wildlife and scenery along the way! Thank you.”


“I just wanted to drop a line commending Captain T.O. Murph and First Mate Simon on making this such a great experience for my wife and I on our honeymoon! Murph made the trip smooth and Simon dropped a ton of great information about San Diego and the bay! Overall it was an experience that truly enhanced our trip! THANK YOU!”

K.N., Lodi, CA

“My friends and I took the Seal Tour on Wednesday and I would like to give my compliments to Captain Robin and Scott. They both did an amazing job and were both informative. I hope to see them again soon. I will be recommending the tour of San Diego to friends and family. Thank Robin and Scott for me.”

E.A., Gallup, NM

“We took the San Diego harbor tour the last week of December and we had the best time of our trip … I would recommend this San Diego tour to anyone visiting, especially those with children. I took all my 8 grandchildren on this trip.”

B.L., California

“I live in San Diego and own a travel company. I certainly will suggest this San Diego attraction to our visitors, but it’s also excellent for our local people!”

L.C., California

“We enjoyed it so much that we told everyone that it’s a must see and do.”

J.W. , Arizona

“The SEAL was fantastic! A perfect addition to San Diego.”

M.G., New York

“Captain made us feel very safe during the drive and boating part. First Mate was a smart guy – pointing out all of the good stuff. He also made the tour fun.”

M.A., Washington

“Wild dolphins cavorting – WOW! Nice, friendly, interesting, clean, safe, professional. Thanks!”

K & W.L., California

“Very upbeat, informative, lots of unusual facts about San Diego. We saw a wounded sea lion and the SEAL tour crew notified Sea World so they could come rescue it – that deserved 10 stars!”

M.G., Pennsylvania

“First Mate was comical and informative. He related well to the variety of ages on the tour and, although scripted, it felt original!”

C.R., California

“I loved how the Captain ‘chased’ the dolphins when the passengers showed interest in them. I also loved the fact the First Mate told us.”

B.M., Ontario

“Guide was very personable, knowledgeable and clear-spoken, interested with passengers; learned a lot on tour.”

C.B., San Diego

“Have lived in San Diego for years and saw this tour at Seaport Village. Great ride around the bay and lots of things we hadn’t seen before.”

L.C., New Mexico

“The kids loved to go from land to water and back to land. It was a great family time.”

J.M., San Diego

“First Mate was very knowledgeable and friendly. Captain did a great job. We appreciate your support of the military.”

T.B., AZ

“Me and my kids first time taking this were extremely thrilled; the kids loved every minute, the captain Danny and 1st mate Ross were absolutely a pleasure to be with; great sense of humor; felt really comfortable. Thank you guys for a great time; will definitely be back.”