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Image of San Diego tour vehicle outside the water

Vehicle Information

Our amphibious vehicles, driven by our experienced captains, are specially designed and built to navigate on sea and land. Each one is Coast Guard approved and meets all passenger vehicle and department of transportation requirements to ensure safety and comfort for all.

In the marine mode, the vehicle has the greatest freeboard of any amphibian operating today.


Manufactured by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (C.A.M.I.), the HYDRA TERRA is a newly fabricated amphibious vehicle designed from the wheels/keel up to provide a safe and comfortable ride for passengers in both highway and marine environments. The vehicle is 39 feet long with a beam (width) of 8.5 feet. It has a capacity of 40 passengers and two crew, and passengers enter through a door via a permanently mounted ladder.  The passenger compartment has bench style padded seats – two persons per side and four per row. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are stowed beneath each seat and child-size PFDs are available on board. The passenger compartment is fully covered with lightweight clear polycarbonate sheeting and the sides are open for maximum viewing.

The hull is constructed to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards.

The unique design of the HYDRA TERRA provides the vehicle/vessel with a positive displacement foam flotation system. The side sections of the 100 percent aluminum hull are divided into small compartments and filled with foam material that is approved by the United States Coast Guard.

The control station for the HYDRA TERRA is the cab section of a Ford F-Series truck.

The HYDRA TERRA is powered by a Caterpillar Turbo Diesel engine.

The vehicle has heavy-duty disc brakes. The marine drive is a live transom mounted stern drive with an engageable propeller designed for diesel applications.