We're Open! Read about our safety information. We're Open! Read about our safety information.

Safety Measures During Post-COVID Period

The safety and well-being of our guests and team members remain our highest priority.


  • • We are limiting our seating to provide social distancing on each tour.
  • • We are providing hand sanitizer at key boarding locations throughout the city.
  • • Our vehicles are cleaned between each tour at key touch points with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • • All of our vehicles undergo a deep cleaning procedure on a nightly basis.
  • • We’re enhancing our cleaning procedures at our sales depots and encourage guests to use cashless transactions.
  • • We provide face masks to our team CAST members. Face coverings are required by all within 6’ of another person.
  • • Our cleaning practices meet or exceed all CDC guidelines.


SEAL Tours is taking enhanced safety and health measures for the benefit of our guests. Inherent risks to COVID-19 exist in any place where people are gathered. By using our services, you voluntarily assume all risks rising out of or resulting from exposure to COVID-19 or any other communicable illness.


Detailing Our Vehicles and Cleaning Process:



Frequently Asked Questions

How are you screening employees?
We have a set screening protocol for all employees. Any employee who feels ill or demonstrates COVID symptoms is required to stay home and is not permitted to enter any facilities or work their shift. All CAST members are provided with masks and are required to wear them whenever they are within 6’ of any other person.

Will masks be required?
Masks are required to be worn by our staff when they are within 6’ of any other person. Face coverings are required by guests while on board the SEAL tour vehicle and also within 6’ of others.

How are you cleaning/sanitizing the vehicles?
Our company already has an industry leading cleaning protocol. Vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis. In response to the COVID-19 situation, we have augmented this robust cleaning procedure with a disinfecting and sanitizing protocol. After the aforementioned cleaning is concluded, the vehicles are disinfected in their entirety using an EPA recommended solution effective in killing COVID-19 on contact. Additionally, our vehicles are sanitized at frequent regular intervals throughout the day on key touch points throughout the vehicle using an EPA-approved disinfectant.

How will you enforce social distancing?
We are limiting our seating capacity on our tours in order to assure appropriate social distancing between any participants. Each vehicle accommodates 40 total passengers but we will only utilize approximately 50% of our capacity and arrange the seating layout to assure appropriate distancing.

How will seating be arranged for families?
Family members will be permitted to sit together without social distancing requirements. They will be sequestered from non-family members to assure sufficient social distancing between themselves and others.

How will you handle groups and charters?
Groups and charters will be available but will be subject to the limitations required by the Governor’s declaration including social distancing protocols.

Is the 10am – 5pm operation schedule still accurate?
No. Operating hours will increase as demand dictates.

Vehicle Safety

At San Diego SEAL Tours, “Safety First, and Courtesy a Close Second”
is our company motto.

Our top priority is the safety of our riders. All of our virtually unsinkable “Hydra Terra” amphibious vessels are rigorously inspected annually by our local United States Coast Guard. Our entire fleet is in strict compliance with all safety standards and the Federal Code of Regulations.

Since 2001, San Diego SEALS has been proudly serving the City of San Diego by delivering on our promise to provide the very best and safest land & sea tour for over 1 million visitors. We employ only well trained United States Coast Guard licensed Captains. Our First Mates, who are also trained, serve as guides for the narrated portion of the San Diego tours.

Vehicle Design – Hydra Terra

This Hydra-Terra vehicle was specifically designed and custom-built to carry passengers and these remarkable “boats on wheels” considered unsinkable by the manufacturer CAMI, are designed and built to the exacting standards of the American Bureau of Shipping and the United States Coast Guard. It is equipped with revolutionary positive buoyancy foam-filled compartments, is 40 feet in length and 8 feet wide and passengers maintain a distance of 5 feet from the waterline once in the bay.  The vessels can carry up to 42 passengers and 2 crew members. 2 adult life jackets are easily accessible under each pair of seats and child-size life jackets are also carried on board for all passengers weighing less than 90 pounds.

The wheels of the vehicle remain fixed as it enters into the water. The positioning of the wheels creates a substantial amount of drag which achieves two things:

1) It keeps the vessel from exceeding 5 miles per hour in the water and
2) keeps the weight directly beneath the vehicle creating a lot of ballast which makes us very stable while we float.

Operating Environment

We splashdown into the protected waters of the San Diego Bay. Unlike conditions you may find in the open seas miles from shore, the waters here are calm and easily navigable. The vehicle’s design gives it capabilities that far exceed what would be needed to be seaworthy in this environment. Because we want all our riders to enjoy the many things to see out there on the bay, we are never too far from shore.

San Diego SEAL Tours Weather Policy

We are always vigilant with regards to weather patterns and tide tables and never take our vessel out on the water if we have even the slightest doubt of our rider’s personal safety. We monitor the forecasts from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) very closely and perform a complete systems check before the first person is able to board the vehicle.